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June 15, 2004


paper tigress

Didn't Bush Sr. (41) call for the "establishment" not the "reesablishment" of democracy in liberated Kuwait? It's an old story, isn't it?

I'd be very circumspect about Bushite promotion of democracy. You'd have to assume cynicism and arrogance. Those guys want to know who is corruptible. And as we've seen, democracy, contrary to dictatorship, is vulnerable to subversion.

Also strange is the focus on little monarchies ignoring the core...Egypt.

the aardvark

Very cynical here, very cynical indeed. But here's why this is interesting - Bush's whole democracy thing has been all rhetoric with almost no substance. The State Dept and people who actually do public diplomacy and outreach were depressed and disheartened, and a lot of the embassy staffs were just holed up in their bunkers. I'm just curious whether these stories about US officials actually getting out and talking directly to people about reform ideas reflects a policy shift or just a couple of isolated examples...

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