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June 23, 2004



Here ya go:


(It's the second link in that post)

Sujal Shah

Yeah, but it wouldn't have been funny then... I think Stewart did a great job basically leaving Hayes looking like he was hand waving details away while Stewart made points that anyone could understand. I blogged the portion that just floored me, which was his point about how our Bush doctrine criteria, as it were, could apply to a half dozen countries, including erstwhile "allies."

I think in the end, he has to pull off because he isn't trying to drill them and guests aren't compelled to come to the show. That being said, after the sad performances of both Hayes and Bill Kristol in recent weeks, I'm not sure conservative commentators should expose themselves to this kind of ridicule. :)

Even Friedman and Brooks looked terrible because their steady optimism seems to lead them to believing some really unusual theories about what's going on and how to fix it.

The comment of the "theory that hasn't been shown" was a bit disappointing to me, not because he didn't rip him, but because it's pretty clear from most recountings of the Iran/Iraq war that Iran eventually responded in kind with chemical weapons after Iraq (then a U.S. "ally") introduced the to the battlefield.

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