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June 24, 2004


paper tigress

Ahhh....five Aardvark comments today. Very good, Abu, lots of yummy ants for everyone.

Two things:
Listening to NPR in the car, the network reported that BBC reporters are going to be sent to....reeducation camp. That's right, they are all being sent back to "approved" live-in journalism school for a few weeks to be run by the new BBC management.

Second, we saw Jehane Noujaim's film, 'Control Room'. In nine words: Al Jazeera faces off against CENTCOM for war news. Brilliant film. One of their poor reporters in Baghdad, featured in the film, was murdered, oh, excuse me, fatally and collaterally damaged in a deliberate news strike on their building.


This is actually the BBC's second attempt at an Arabic television channel. The first was shut down by the Saudi investors for the crime of criticising the Saudi government, whereupon the reporters ran away and started a little thing called Al-Jazeera.

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