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May 28, 2004



What a bunch of hacks.

I'm surprised Slate hasn't offered to host blogs for them all.

bob mcmanus

Holbo scared me yesterday with his long post on the mock-pastoral. Part 2 today (or soon) is supposed to deal with Cerebus.

paper tigress

Abu, is Allawi an Alawi?


Three unrelated comments, apropos of nothing.

I just found your blog via someone else's blogroll, and am reading back entries voraciously. Thank you for your excellent analysis of current events.

I met Dave Sim once -- stood in line to get him to sign one of my volumes of Church & State, back when Cerebus made sense. It bums me out that he turned into such a gynophobic nutjob.

Also, your tagline from Once More, With Feeling is cracking me up, because it's such a dazzling commentary on the aftermath of the war in Iraq, and I'd never thought of putting those two things together before. :-)

the aardvark

Rachel, thanks! Sim and I exchanged a couple of letters over the years, and I always appreciated his wit and his patience. How times have changed. I just can't express how disappointed I am at how Cerebus and Sim degenerated over the last few years.

Bob, Holbo answers your nightmares!

On Allawi... after mulling on it a couple of days, I'm sticking with my initial reaction. Allawi is the closest thing to the ex-Baathist strongman type that was always the likeliest (and ugliest) outcome of any Saddam regime change. Whether it came from Brahimi (which does not seem likely to me at this point) or from the Council (more likely, and outrageous), Allawi's pick should be seen as a disaster by anyone who cares about that whole "democracy" thing that we used to hear so much about.


Iraq supported the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and Baluchi nationalism in Pakistan, and invaded Kuwait. Al Qaeda's attacks on the USA were organized by a Pakistani Baluch born in Kuwait, and implemented with the assistance of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

What connection?

the aardvark

Oooh, I love word problems! OK, let's see, if you take one Baluch and add three Muslim Brotherhoods, and then divide by Syria, you get... um... Saddam Hussein assassinated John F Kennedy! It's true! Thank god for the new, new math!


The World Trade Center was bombed in 1993 on Kuwait's Liberation Day. During the New York trial of the chief bomber in 1996, Flight TWA800 blew up, on Iraq's National Day.

What connection?

the aardvarkthe

Seriously now, we could play this game all day. You'll post these "connections" and I'll laugh at them, and neither one of us will change our minds. If you start with the answer and then look back for pieces that "fit," you can prove almost anything. It's bad social science, or just bad methodology more generally. Correlation, as they say is not causation... and connecting random dots to draw a pretty picture is not evidence. To this point, all arguments for a Saddam-Al Qaeda connection fall into one of those two categories.

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