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May 18, 2004


Ralph Luker

Perfectly decent 2nd theme song, AA, but "Where Do We Go From Here?" hardly originates with it. It was the title one of Martin Luther King's last books and, given both the commonality of the question and Dr. King's, er, indifference to provenance, I think we can be quite certain that the history of the question is much older than that.

the aardvark

Excellent! See, this is why we have comment sections despite the risk of trolls. I wonder if Joss Whedon had that historical reference in mind, or if that was just a theme that he had in mind for the sixth season of Buffy?

Ralph Luker

I'll see if I can get Cliopatria's newest member, who is an expert in Buffy Studies, to comment on this.


The phrase "where do we go from here?" and a theme song always makes us think of “Games People Play” by the Alan Parsons Project.

With a little work that could be filked into an antiwar song.

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