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May 28, 2004


the aardvark

Well, this doesn't seem to be showing up very well on my browser. Sorry about that.

Michael Tinkler

I'm already past this stage. I'm now receiving the "I'm shocked that you gave me a D for the semester" emails. *sigh*

Scott Martens

I'm never quite sure whether or should feel lucky to be on the other side of the desk, or moderately offended. My exams are done, and I don't have any papers this term since all I took was languages. My fate has, in short, already been decided even though I won't know how it went til Wednesday.

the aardvark

Why Scott, what an amazing failure of cynicism! Surely you already knew how your professors felt about grading?

Scott Martens

Well, yes, having spent well over a decade listening to my parents - and particularly my father - bitch about having to grade the work of the "illiterates" who populated his classes, I do in fact know how profs feel about grading.

However, I've taken an alternative approach to being cynical about it. First, Dad's own papers were... less than paragons of good written style in English, unless Mom wrote them. He always felt that paragraphs should start with a capitalised word, end with a period, and otherwide contain no punctuation but commas. And, it no longer suprises me when my profs fail to recognise my genius, since they are - as I know well - overworked and underpaid and stuck with having to read the work of my clearly inferior classmates. :^)

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