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May 20, 2004



*Attention Bloggers*

I am currently compiling a sort of "War on Terror" primer to dispel commercial war propaganda and to quell the jingoistic neo-fascist tide that has adopted the Nick Berg beheading as its crest and shield.

I'm requesting substantive contributions from free-thinking bloggers and their readers, particularly related to the rampant and naked contempt for Arabs and Muslims expressed in much of our popular media...its roots, its application past & present, and its implications for the future. Some of the sharpest voices in the media are outside the media, as you well know. Perhaps with a single voice, we may be heard.

The first nodule, in rough, is here.

Full credit given, additional source material (potent quotes, images, etc.) welcome.

When fully compiled, I'll submit the primer to a number of popular sites for publication under the name:

"Subverted Reality: A Primer on Terrorism, Western Foreign Policy, and the Latest Crusade"

Selections will be made in the interest of coherency under the umbrella of that heading.

The destination of any resultant proceeds is up for debate. The project may take a while, but I'll update you at my site as we move along.

Hope to hear from you,
Damon McNally
Subverted Reality


Click the link below for the initial essay, if you're interested.


For a few months now, I think since late February, al-Jazeera has not been carried on the Orbit satellite network, which is Saudi-owned and widely used in Saudi Arabia, other Gulf countries, Jordan and beyond.

Perhaps the reasons are commercial. Al-Arabiyya, al-Manar and other channels are still there. In any case, this should make it easier for folks to comply with the reported ruling.

al-Hurra's feed is carried in al-Jazeera's previous slot.

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