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May 13, 2004



Gee, does this mean that OK City bombing (and Pearl Harbor, and USS Maine, and Boston Massacre) were all done by Saddam? And the whole of American history was a big mistake? (obviously kidding)

the aardvark

How dare you trivialize my findings! Your mockery only strengthens my convictions. The people would see the truth if only they weren't blinded by the liberal media, the CIA, the State Department, the Pentagon, reputable academics, the culture of the 1960s, the far left academy, documents, evidence, and, um, where was I? Oh yeah. I have proof, damn it, proof, but you refuse to see it! And no, I can't show it to you either.


Reality is just slipping away from us.

Jonathan Dresner

Conspiracies for which there is proof are failures. Conspiracists who need proof are weaklings.


It's always refreshing to encounter a Neo-con con that is D.O.A.

Thankfully, Bush's trolls give useful links...I read the full panel testimony (including Mylroie's) for the 9/11 session in question. My favorite moment: Max Cleland equates radical Kuwaiti clerics to the Founding Fathers who were, in their day, "terrorists". He also puzzles over the US' strange geo-political bedfellows.

Read it http://www.9-11commission.gov/hearings/hearing3.htm

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