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April 21, 2004


Tom Scudder

Having now tuned in al-hurra for a few fifteen-minute sessions, the thing that strikes me about it is how crappy and unappealing it is on a purely visual level. Flip between it and al-Jazeera and the contrast in graphics and general slickness is just stunning.

the aardvark

I've heard that a lot. I still haven't been able to watch al Hurra... I wish they had an internet feed or clips like al Jazeera does.

Anna in Cairo

Hi, I checked out this stupid article and share your outrage at this blind, stupid American ability to pretend that the "coalition forces" (US forces are the only people in Fallujah) committed absolutely no atrocities.

According to them, live, very brave reporting from Fallujah on the part of REAL ACTUAL reporters from Al Jazeerah and Al Arabiya showing women and children purposely shot in the head with American ordnance and Qurans deliberately riddled with bullets in a mosque are "collaborating with terrorists" and MAKING STUFF UP. (I guess he would not put it past reporters from Al Jazeera to shoot Qurans themselves just to make a political point.)

I realize that American reporters who have forgotten that to report on something it is good to be AT THE SCENE might not understand real reporting when they see it.

The guy who wrote this hatchet job on Arab media (Robert Alt) has a job at Ashland University and a website called "no left turns" (clever!).

He is currently in Iraq (mostly hides in a hotel and goes to coalition press briefings and talks about going on Army "embeds" -- did you know they were still doing this?).

He reports verbatim what is said by the "coalition" adding a little bit of hysterical right-wing spin to it. He also links to the Corner and other right wing writers of note such as Peggy Noonan. His being in Iraq does not keep him from commenting on the Rightwing smear du jour (recent sarcastic comment on the Kerry medal "controversy").

Re Iraq, his line is apparently that whatever the army does, a) the Arabs are lying and exaggerating and b) it isn't enough because Americans are too nice. To back up this idea, he makes comments such as this:
"I have said before that Iraqis subscribe to a philosophy that respects strength and not weakness. As a case in point, one Iraqi reporter asked the following question: 'Fallujah resisted the most powerful army in the world for two weeks. What does this mean?' And thus you see the problem of respecting life in a region which respects power."

So he suggests that respecting Iraqi life is a "problem" and a "weakness."

Nice guy.

Anna in Cairo

Oh, and I wanted to add that no one in their right mind would want to watch Al Hurra. Arabs who have dishes already have tons of American programming, American videos, American sitcoms and movies, on Arab owned stations. The station is stupid, boring and its programs are poorly produced. Also it is condescending.

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