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March 31, 2004



David Warren that wrote the article is the same as the DavidWarrenonline. He lives here, in my town (Ottawa) and regularly writes for the Ottawa Citizen. He's gone increasingly nuts lately, partly after Sept.11, partly after he converted to Catholicism (from Anglicanism) due to the CoE's liberalism.

He's the author of the famed 'flypaper' theory of the Iraq invasion, and also 'revealed' prior to the end of the Iraq war that Salam Pax (of the Dear_Raed blog) was a Ba'athist.

Of all his nutty ideas, his discussion of "Pierre Trudeau's Satanic legacy" was the nuttiest. I peg that as the date he jumped the shark.

Warren grew up in Lahore, Pakistan, the son of a teacher at a missionary college. He reminds me a great deal of John Rhys-Davies and Theodore Dalrymple, who had similar upbringings/adulthoods.

I wish Commentary wouldn't give so much space to nuts. I don't understand the mindset that considers David Warren to be an informative author.

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the aardvark

Aha! I *knew* the name David Warren sounded familiar. Flypaper, flypaper, flypaper. Thanks, Ikram!

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