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March 30, 2004


micah holmquist

Hawks tend to ignore anything and everything about Sudan because they haven't been told to care about it and to think there is a military solution. Last week one blogger, whose name I can't remember, has a post about how we need to stand up to genocide and that's why the U.S. had to invade Iraq. When I asked him about about a number of countries with governments that profess to be Islamic and have brutal records that the U.S. in some manner works with, including Sudan, and whether the U.S. should cease this involvement, he/she deleted my comment and banned me from posting anymore. Their motto could be, "ignore what we don't want to believe."

the aardvark

Yeah. I kind of felt bad about this post in retrospect because even though I still think it's funny, the Sudan itself is so not funny. The Sudan has been such a horror show for so many years that it is really easy to just throw up one's hands. Sudan doesn't easily fit into a "there are good guys and there are bad guys" template, which probably makes it uninteresting to some of those folks.

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