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March 09, 2004



What a shame it would be if...the Bush administration turned into a transfer of power to someone like Chalabi.

You were expecting the ﻛþάŋîﻛђ †nQÙ١sîτį♂ń
erm, democracy?

How else are they going to ensure that the new Iraqi political regime does not stray outside the parameters the US has set down?
a) A loyal secret police
b) A 3,000-man American embassy
c) Reconstruction parceled out to the right people.
d) US interests favored
e) Strategic encirclement of Iran and Palestine-Lebanon-Syria
f) Directly control production and marketing of Iraq's oil, reducing dependence on Saudi Arabia

the aardvark

Nah, I wasn't expecting much. But it's still a shame.


I had some similar musings about Chalabi on my site just over a month ago.

It's just a question of how long Sistani will stand for his nonsense.


Ooops, link got erased. Here it is unadorned:


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