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March 18, 2004



Well, let's reverse the question. ┬┐Why should non-Duke fans LIKE Duke?

the aardvark

Class. Quality. Honor. Integrity. Character. Great man to man defense. Spread motion offense that maximizes individual talent within a team concept. What's not to like?

Justin Slotman

Oh, I don't know.....those pathetic, jumping-in-unison assholes at Cameron? The floor slaps? The full-court arm-waving press when Duke take a two-point lead? The rather women's basketball-esque group hugs? It's the little things, Aardvark, that make Duke so hated, not the success. I mean--not even Indiana with Bob Knight inspired the present level of Duke hate.

the aardvark

Ah, but why then is every college basketball crowd in the country so desperate to imitate the Cameron crazies? Is there any self-respecting (or not) campus crowd in the country anymore that doesn't do exactly those things, while claiming to be way better than the Duke crowd? I think not.

And here's the difference between the Duke-hating stereotype and the reality: Chris Duhon, playing with hurt ribs, gritting it up and shutting down two of the best guards in the country, one in each half. And not even making the all-regional team. And not caring.

Justin Slotman

Not to mention that Duke staple: the One Incredibly Annoying White Guy. That Wojo character is the prime example of this.

Greg Potemkin

Today is March 13, 2005, and this date will be remembered as the date on which Georgia Tech (my alma-mater) rose up and created an intifada that forever broke the shackles of Dukist hegemony and oppression.

We have already defeated the surrogate of Dukist oppression (UNC) and will today accomplish the full liberation of the all the ACC.

al-Mawt Duke

Marg bar Duke
Zindabaad Ga. Tech

BTW - if you read this, I must say that the original "Anti-Dukism" article was one of the best satirical essays that I have read.

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