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February 19, 2004



I remember reading admiring profiles of Al-Jazeera in the New Yorker and the NY Times, before September 11, 2001. Without checking the sources, I recall a picture of an active, open, western-style news station that drove most of the Arab governments crazy with its free reporting and comment.

After 9/11 all of a sudden the press seemed to believe Al-Jazeera was some sort of evil propaganda machine, bent on inflaming tens of millions of Arabs into permanent jihad.

Fuad Ajami piled on in the NY Times with some article about what terrible things they were saying on Al-Jazeera. Since I don't speak Arabic well enough to translate the primary source, I didn't know what to think.

But it looks a lot like a bunch of hysterical sheep following the crowd.

I wonder if this wilful prejudice really helps America's international interests?

Donald Johnson

My memory is the same as Leila's. Anyway, leaving out inconvenient facts is standard operating procedure at the NYT when it comes to America's foreign policy. I could rant on this subject for an hour, but won't.

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