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February 17, 2004



Well, to be fair to the Times (I can't believe I'm saying that), the lead does say "Arab-Americans and foreign-born Muslims", even though the article is mostly framed around the whole "wealthy Arab" motif. I guess they couldn't find as many as they thought were out there.

It would have been much more informative if the writer had looked into the personal histories of the people for possible reasons for their support of Bush (pro-shah Iranian exiles hoping the ayatollahs get it next?). But, instead, the Times chose to do a fluff article about how Bush can reach out to everyone. Sad.


Well, I guess they figured that if they raised money for anyone else, Ashcroft would throw them in the slammer for a couple of years while he investigated where they money was going. They're at least safe giving money to Bush.

Stupid New York Times.

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