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January 20, 2004



And Moorishgirl found this for us Ay-rabs:


Some pundit in MIchigan thinks it's bad that Arab Americans are getting out the vote. See, Arab Americans don't believe in "our Western Political system", etc. etc.

But I'm trying to focus on the good news this year.

Abu Frank

To this Australian it seems strange that the US holds its elections through the week. In Australia we hold them on the weekend; holding them on a weekday would be considered anti-worker discrimination.

Steve Jones

I worked on election boards for about 8 years, mostly because I wanted to know more about these geeks on the other side of the table to whom I was entrusting my franchise. I'm confident in the security of the system we were using, the Optech Eagle. It provided for rapid reporting of returns, and was secure enough to suit me.

Of course, I live in Maricopa County, Arizona, which is going to reliably vote Republican more often than not anyway, so it wouldn't be worth the effort to muck about with the system.

I do worry about the touch-screen systems, due to the lack of a physical ballot or punchcard or chit which could be manually recounted in case electronic gremlins got into the system, either accidentally or on purpose.

And I am deeply troubled over the voter intimidation, faux-felon-cleansing and other tricks the Republican Party is resorting to in order to twist the results. Let's face it, George Bush is president today because the Republican Party was willing to fight hard and dirty to get their man in. It worked, so we can expect more of the same this fall.

And now, Katherine Harris is running for the US Senate. Gaahh!

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