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January 30, 2004



Golly I don't know why more people don't post komments chez Aarkvark.

Blunt Tigress: Look, I'm not buying intelligence error, no matter what cabbage macerator has to say. Bush told 'em what he wanted and they delivered. If the CIA could have plausibly claimed the Saddam were Satan himself, then the agency would have made that assertion.

Going after Iraq was a US strategic aim in search of an excuse which IX_XI+AQ provided. The Russians believe (per Igor, the Russian engineer) that it is strategic overstretch and that there will be spillover and a very large price to pay sooner or later.


pardon, I meant Aardvark.


Kay himself told Congress in 2002 that intelligence services could not be expected to address the issue of Saddam's "WMD" programs:


In any event, the CIA wasn't the group that decided to invade, but not many people seem to recognize this little point. But it's the Middle East, which means that any hack like Krauthammer can just feel free to make up his/her own version of history.

Abu Frank

Very well said. My only complaint is, this is a web log in 2004, not the New York Times and CNN 1998 through 2003.

A story the US media would not tell (to be fair, not just the US): by subverting UNSCOM, by declaring "regime change" as an objective, and by signalling that sanctions would not be lifted regardless, the US did a great deal to dissuade Saddam from cooperating with the inspections. Sanctions could be used for one purpose -- containment or WMD cooperation -- but not both; and the US plumped firmly for containment.

In strategic terms that actually made pretty good sense, given that Saddam clearly didn't have nukes and that the chemical weapons he might have had were strategically insignificant. But the real content of the Iraq-US standoff was nothing like what the media portrayed.

On this broad base of bullshit, the Office of Special Plans and the Joint Intelligence Committee built their dung piles.

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