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January 23, 2004



While you don't criticize Bush, you could have. Cheney and others in the administration are arguing that the Libya example vindicates the preemptive war strategy.

Their version: Libya noticed what happened in Iraq and capitulated.

Conclusion: preemptive war threats are good...especially if they are made credible by actual preemptive wars.

the aardvark

OK, OK, if you insist, consider Bush criticized. Obviously I agree with you that anyone who tries to make hay off of a discredited claim that Libya gave up its WMD because it was awed by the Iraq war deserves criticism.

What I meant was just this: true neocon believers - and hawks - should be attacking Bush over Libya (if they had any intellectual consistency), and I'm not going to join in with such attacks (of which, to be honest, I haven't seen a whole lot, which you can interpet as you will re: intellectual consistency).

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