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January 08, 2007


Ghurab al-Bain

Hard to know what to make of this without the methodology but it generally tracks well with the view that there is still a wide gap between the perception of Arabic public opinion on Iran and the fears of Arab rulers about the threat from Teheran. It would be interesting to know how the Saddam execution debacle has skewed this in any significant way - if at all given the public fallout of the past few days.
It also seemingly confirms the perception that Hamas and Hizbullah are more popular among general Arab public opinion than among Palestinians and Lebanese, respectively - those who presumably know them best.


Dear AA,

from the little that one can glean off this survey, some things are interesting:

#1 - Among "Lebanese" Seniora's gov't has more support than Hizballah (33% vs. 28%). That would mean that only half of the possible number of supporters of the March 8 bloc (Shi'ites + Aounist Christians + various small groups) actually do.

#2 - Hamas has much higher support among non-Palestinians than among Palestinians, and the same goes for Hizballah (non-Lebanese vs. Lebanese).

Now, the 2nd doesn't come at a surprise. It is always easier to cheer a radical group when one doesn't have to live under its rule and the further away from a conflict, the less informed is the general public about it. (There is an interesting discussion thread on Moroccan perception of the Mashriq on 'Aqoul right now.)

The 1st assertion is something that would warrant some serious background data - who was asked where?



Erik Nisbet

For the basic methodology for all YouGov surveys check the YouGovME website (http://www.yougovme.com/). Goto the section on related links and click "How YouGov Works"

Basically, they use an Internet panel which is recruited by advertising, gimmicks, etc. and pay each respondent $1 to participate. They focus exclusively on GCC countries. As a professional survey researcher, I can assure you that this is not a generalizable or representative survey methodology. I would not give these survey finds much worth or credibility at all.

The direct link I think to the general methodology is


Dear Erik,

thanks for the background info. Well ... that makes this "poll" as valid as any other online polls, like the famous ones from Al Jazeera's website.




Thanks, Erik! Very helpful. They explicitly discuss Palestinian and Lebanese respondents, so it couldn't have been exclusively GCC. But if that's in fact the methodology they used, then the results are worthless. I'll try to find out.


later in the program someone mentions that Arab support for Hezbollah stands at 74%, which may be a decline from war-time levels but is still quite high.

Yes, it is. It's quite interesting to see that 74% of arabs support massmurdering terrorists, even now.

Despite the constant claims to the contrary (on blogs and in the news) that Arabs don't support terrorism, they quite clearly DO support terrorism.

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