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October 12, 2006



This is a great idea and I look forward to reading such analysis from experienced and learned academics on these subjects. It will be refreshing to read these articles as compared to the superficial analysis provided by the mainstream media these days. Great job Marc!


Qahwa Sada has no particular significance? This shows the difference between your Egyptian sojourn and mine. You were no doubt studying hard and associating only with serious-minded comics fans like yourself. I was cutting class to hang out at bars and cafes with dissipated persons, some of whom later became serious-minded (see the Middle East Correspondent of the Economist). One of these dissolute youths, a native Cairene who later became my first husband, taught me not to order Qahwa Sada, because this is the preferred drink of opium addicts, and you wouldn't want to arouse the contempt of the waiters at Cafe Riche.

Now he could have been making it all up. But you might want to check with some of your sources.

Just sayin'. I don't want them snickering at you in the poli sci depts of Egypt because the Khawagga professor doesn't realize the subculture implications of Qahwa Sada. OTOH I haven't lived in Egypt for 23 years and my info could be out of date or just plain wrong. But I still remember the smirk on the waiter's face when I ordered Qahwa Sada...


One could write a (very entertaining) book about the millions of subtle behaviors that give one away as either a drug addict and/or a prostitute in the Arab world.

Love the site so far AA, keep up the good work! I don't know how you find the time for all this.

the aardvark

.... well, who knows? Maybe I and the waiters all knew what was going on....


aha, so that's why the maid at Ibn Khaldun always laughed at me when I ordered black coffee ... she must have thought i was a junkie.

seriously, though ... great job, ya ustez. perfect idea for these times.


Glad to be of service, ya praktike.


[...] Qahwa Sada (which means coffee with no milk or sugar) is a new blog edited by Marc Lynch ... His new project Qahwa Sada will publish the work of other Middle East Especialists, and so far looks great [...]

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