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August 02, 2006


Sara J.

The support for Hamas is not as clear-cut as the support for Hezbollah because Hamas lacks the charismatic leadership of Hezbollah. The dynamics of Hamas and Hezbollah are quite different as well.

This is an interesting view on what makes Hezbollah what it is in the Arab world:

The Neo David and Goliath: 10 Reasons Why Hezbollah is Great


Rex Brynen

You have to be a bit careful trying to read too much from this poll--its from the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, which is generally the least reliable of the major polling outfits in the WBG. While they seem to have got better over time, their sample demographics often seem to be rather skewed.

That having been said, all the orders-of-magnitude look right.


Actually I'm pleasantly surprised by this, especially since those opposing and those in favour of a unilateral stop to rocket attacks is near enough 50/50.

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