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April 21, 2006


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» Moroccan Regime Again Targets Journalists with Libel Suits from ...Or Does It Explode?
Thanks to Abu Aard for highlighting Rashi Khilnani's article in Open Democracy on the latest example of legal subterfuge in Morocco used to silence daring media outlets: Le Journal Hebdomadaire, an independent political weekly celebrated for its invest... [Read More]



Sorry Bou Aardvark, I'm afraid that while I agree the legal attack on the Journal is a bad piece of business and should be called, this Open Democracy arty is an exagerated piece of shite as well.

The claim re political islam being taboo patently absurd, and the language used rather ... activist. Well, more thoughts on this, I hate to have the sensation of being a Maghrebine regime shill, but the arty is a mix of the legit and shite, which does disservice to the legit.

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