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July 26, 2005


Nur al-Cubicle

about that border dispute with Kuwait...

L'Orient-Le Jour reported that the Kuwaitis are building a concrete and metal barrier along their 200 km long border with Iraq. The trouble is, the wall is 100 meters inside Iraqi territory.

Nur al-Cubicle

And thanks for fuzzy-faced mugshot of the "Duke" of the Desert!

Avshalom Rubin

AA - Doesn't the Egyptian consitution state the exact same thing with regard to the role of Islam (e.g. official religion, basis of legislation)? I know Moroccan, Algerian, and Jordanian constitutions define Islam as the official state religion, though I'm not sure if it is THE stated basis of legislation. In any case, it seems like this clause puts the Iraqi constitution within the Arab mainstream. It's not exactly Jeffersonian, but given the regional context, is it really all that odd?

the aardvark

Avshalom - The key is whether Islam is "a" source or "the" source of legislation - "al-masdar al-assasi" seems to imply "the" source. That's why it caught my eye, and why al-Arabiya used it as the lead. How much is actually there, and how much is sensationalism, I'm not sure.


Sounds like good stuff.


Here's a complementary blog site for you to read:

The Lounsbury

You can consult the Moroccan constitution in French here:

Or here in Arabic:

(And for legalistic nerdish types, you may make comparisions from this menu:
http://www.mcrp.gov.ma/ )

There is no direct citation to Islamic law, although the Kingdom is called an Islamic nation (or Muslim in the French version), I note as well the Arabisation clause.

Avshalom Rubin

Collunsbury - thanks very much for the links.

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