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June 17, 2005


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If Al-Jazeera is getting blasted from all of the rabid political sides - AJ must be doing something right.

The 3-way 'conversation' seems to be a good compromise as I don't see that any represntative for al-Zarqawi would allow themself to be questioned or have opposing viewpoints brought to him. Fanatics either don't like to be argued with or they just blithely go on their merry way-ignoring all but their little universe. AJ deserves kudos for bringing all these views to their viewers.


I don't buy the "If everyone hates you, you're doing a good job" meme in journalism, though it's oft-heard, and at times it will by chance be true.

I've tentatively grown more appreciative of Al Jazeera, in an abstract way. Every time I read their English language edition online, however, that takes a step back.

What would have been great, though highly unlikely, is if something like Al Jazeera had been set up under American auspices. Don't laugh; a similar media outlet existed in Germany after World War II. If you accept an off-site link, I've been posting a little about it here followed by here.

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