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January 02, 2005


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Considering most Americans know zilch about Arab media, this is not a bad start. The Saudi angle is there, for anyone who can read between the lines a bit . But I found this sentence puzzling "Al Arabiya's sophisticated production values set it apart from other Arab news channels." Makes it sound as if the competition are primitive, shoestring operations.

the aardvark

Karin - oh, I agree, for the most part, that's why I gave the piece of generally favorable review. It just struck me on second reading as kind of puzzling.

The bit about the high-tech studios strikes me as a minor case of Stockholm syndrome - three weeks in Dubai listening to al Arabiya employees give their rap must have sunk in. It also reminds me of every article about al Hurra - which always, without fail, rave about their high tech studios and production values.

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