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November 03, 2004


No Preference

"I considered it - and still consider it - the only chance to put the country and the world on the right path before it was too late. I desperately hoped to see a moral accounting for Abu Ghuraib and so much more."

You put my thoughts into words much better than I could have. The only comment I have is on the following:

"I'd like to hope that Bush will now get serious about fixing (Iraq)... we shall see."

I suspect that Bush and his Pentagon will now get serious about blowing up Iraq. I hope I'm wrong.


Observe the next three months as the GOP builds up its "stab in the back" case.

nur al cubicle


Well, I'm reading in Le Monde that a big persuasion operation is underway to discredit IAEA's ElBaradei. There seems to be a floated accusation that EB is veiling Egypt's nuclear effort. Seems like a crock.

It's disturbing to see such a development the day after.


I couldnt say it better. Here in Portugal, most hoped a Bush defeat. I think most europeans except Blair and Putin wanted a Bush defeat. It's unbelievable. More than 58 million american Ā«retardsĀ». Well, you pay your taxes, you've the right to choose your own president, at your own image. That's the average american citizen. He looks like a chimp with a banana, sorry. Probably's not so dangerous as his staff. The guys behind him are the dangerous ones... whatever, 4 more years with a big mess all around... for the 55 million swho voted Kerry I wish you good luck, dont give up...


I know this argument has been had many times before, but I just don't see why Osama would prefer Bush. To me that sounds like Osama advocates terrorism just for the sake of terrorism, rather than in reaction to something that he's trying to change. I guess I believe that as evil as Osama is, he believes he is protesting something. But if Bush's policies are more likely to exacerbate the things Osama is protesting, then I don't see why he'd prefer Bush.

Craig in Austin

That's the average american citizen....

It's only half.


Where is the outrage at the use of easily hackable electronic voting machines, without a voter-verifiable paper trail?

In my view the use of these machines thoroughly delegitimizes the election results. Don't be so quick to try to find fault with Democrats when it is very likely that the Republicans have stolen yet another election.

More information here:


and here:


and here:


Hamilton Lovecraft

This is who we are, for better or for worse. Much of the world, and many Americans, have argued forcefully over the past few years that this administration does not reflect the real face of America. That argument becomes more difficult now.

The GOP and the Bush administration, more so than the average politician, has been engaged in widespread deception of the electorate about who they are and what their goals are. I feel that many of the 59 million who voted for Bush honestly didn't know what they were voting for. Part of that is on their heads because they haven't been inquisitive enough, but part of that is on the heads of the mass media. Living in a big city and having a fast internet connection, it's almost impossible for me not to hear seven sides of every story, but that simply isn't the way man rural Americans live.

Forgive them; they know not what they've done.

John Owens

No blaming Democrats if there is another terrorist attack on the United States (god forbid).
While I agree that it would be pretty difficult to peg most of the rest of those outcomes on the Democrats, I think if there were another terrorist attack on the U.S. in the next four years, they'd probably find it fairly simple (in many senses) to pin that on the Democrats. Probably using the usual talk of how we're soft on terror, too understanding, moral relativism, blah blah blah.

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