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October 26, 2004



phil carter? i heard that guy has a gin-soaked raisin brain. man, i'm never gonna get tired of that one. haha. thanks for the link!

Nur al-Cubicle

whoa...what's up with gin-soaked raisins? can I order online? sounds like a nifty xmas present!

i remember phil when I used to read HNN. Takes 'hot gospel' style and packages it in secular outrage.

just reading French intellectual Olivier Roy's take on al Qaeda. what a character...a former soixante-huit maoist who actually knows the taliban.

p.s. Just ordered my copies of the Arab comics mentioned 10 days ago.


nur- are you reading "globalised islam"? i have it sitting in front of me but haven't opened it yet. i must admit i'm a bit scared off by the martin kramer endorsement on the back (though i also know that he is a reader of the aardvark, so he must have some good taste).

i'm with you on the gin-soaked raisins - they do sound like good stocking stuffers. you think if we started marketing them we could get an aardvark endorsement?

the aardvark

For what it's worth, I've ordered "Globalised Islam" and am looking forward to reading it - Olivier Roy is one of the very best French sociologists of Islamism, so the book is must-reading agree or disagree.

Gin-soaked raisin brain... perhaps after the election I'll be in the market for a new blog-slogan, and that would be hard to pass up!!

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